What is Dynamic Phone Insertion Pool

Cllixtell’s Advanced Call Tracking allows a specific call attribution to every call that’s generated from your website. By adding Clixtell’s tracking scripts (or WordPress plugin) to your website and setting up Call Tracking, you may:

  1. Attribute every call to a click down to the click source, keyword, ad, campaign, etc. See which ones generate calls, and which are not.
  2. Gain full transparency about the users’ journey from the search, through the click, through the website experience, all the way to the phone call or other conversion type.
  3. Send actionable data back to Google Ads or Google Analytics to optimize campaigns upon and boost performance.
  4. Make data-driven decisions in call-targeted marketing campaigns
  5. Detailed Call Data Records and call recordings along with website and click data – all in one place

A dynamic pool contains at least 5 phone numbers (for a low-traffic website). Clixtell’s algorithms will do the hard work and dynamically assign a “unique” phone number from your Dynamic Pool to each website visitor. The system also sets a cookie in the user’s browser to make sure he’ll always receive the same phone number upon future visits. By doing so, the system can now differentiate between calls made to different numbers and attribute each call to a specific click.

This allows many benefits since all of the click data can now be “attached” to a certain click and sent over to any 3rd party for optimization.