How to Claim a Click Fraud Refund from Google

Google policies allow a manual Click Fraud investigation once every 60 days for every Google Ads account. This means a dedicated human team will go through your Google Ads account and re-review your traffic quality. The review is based on the data they have and the data you provide.

To make it super easy for the Google team to issue an account credit for you, we’ve arranged all of the Click Fraud related data in a detailed spreadsheet you can download any time.

Follow the next steps to file a Click Fraud refund claim from Google:

  1. In your Clixtell dashboard fo to the Traffic page and select the proper date range. Following Google’s guidelines, Clixtell recommends 60 days.
  2. Click the “Excel” button right below the main graph.
  3. Download the file and save it. Remember its location for the next steps.
  4. Click here for the Google form and fill in all of the fields.
  5. At the very bottom, under “​Please attach a copy of your weblogs or other tracking data that shows the data in question” upload the file you’ve downloaded earlier from Clixtell’s dashboard.
  6. Good Luck! Google will be in direct touch with you as they start and complete their investigation.