How to Set a Call Tracking Number

Setting up a new phone number is easy with Clixtell. Phone numbers are arranged in your Clixtell account within “Pools”. A Pool is a group of phone numbers you can give a name to. Call tracking settings are always the same for phone numbers in the same pool.

New Pool

To setup a new “Pool”, click the “+Add Number” link at the dashboard’s top right and follow the instructions on screen:

  1. Select Pool type: Static, From Ads, or Dynamic Tracking.
  2. Select Country & Are Code
  3. Select wanted Phone Numbers
  4. Name your Pool and set a Call destination
  5. Click “Finish”

Phone numbers in supported countries are available in the dashboard for immediate activation. Worldwide phone numbers are available through our support team. Due to local rules and regulations in each country, please contact us anytime for assistance.

Existing Pool

If you have an existing Call Tracking Pool you may add a number to it by

  1. Go to Call Tracking Settings in the settings menu (top right gear icon).
  2. Click “Manage” next to the pool you wish to add the number to.
  3. Click “Add Tracking Numbers” and select your Country & Area code

You may add as many numbers that are included in your subscription at no additional cost. If you exceed the amount of Phone Numbers in your subscription, you may upgrade at any time, or simply confirm the additional per number charge.