How to Integrate Google Ads

Connecting Clixtell to Google Ads is super easy and is a part of the initial onboarding for new accounts. If for any reason integration was lost, or if you’d like to change or add a Google Ads account, please follow the next instructions:

  1. Go to “Scripts & Integrations” in the settings menu (top right)
  2. Click “Link Account”. If Clixtell is currently connected to Google Ads click “Unlink” to disconnect the current account and then “Link Account”.
  3. In the Google pop-up, sign in or make sure you’re signed in to the correct Gmail for the prospective Google Ads account. Select it and click “Allow”
  4. After the system integrates, make sure the account number is correct, and click “Set Tracking Template & Auto-Tagging” to activate IP tracking at an account level
  5. If your main account is a Google MCC – a drop-down will appear with all of your child accounts. Type in the first numbers for the child account or scroll down to find it. Select it and click “Setup”. Read more here about Google Ads MCC Setup.