What is Click-to-Call Pool

Google Ads Call Extensions and Call-Only Ads (named together: Click-to-Call) are a Click Fraud “soft target”. Since clicks on these types of Ads/Ad Extensions do not go through Google’s tracking template or through any landing pages, it is a very easy target for fraudsters.

Many Clixtell users have had major click fraud issues due to the above, to the point they had to completely remove Call Extensions and Call-Only Ads. They were simply burning budget and generating Zero calls.

With Clixtell’s exclusive feature – you’ll gain full transparency on your Mobile Click-to-Call Ads & Extensions. By assigning a Clixtell Tracking Phone number to your ads – the system will track every click on them (even if there wasn’t a call) and compare it with real calls received by the number.

For this type of pool to work, the tracking number must be unique to Google Ads click to call and not placed anywhere else.

To set up a “Click to Call Pool” click the “+Add Number” link on your dashboards top right, Select “Call From Ads” as your pool type and follow the on-screen instructions to provision a new phone number in your selected area code. After the number is active, place it in your Call Extensions & Call Only Ads as the main number. Please de-activate Google’s call tracking to avoid multiple call forwards.

  • Please test phone numbers before publishing