What type of pool should I select

A Call Tracking Pool is a group of numbers used together. There are three types of pools to help you specify your call options on Clixtell:

  • Static tracking
  • Calls from ads
  • Calls from website

Static tracking

Made to track calls on an offline media source or to track calls coming from specific ads.

Calls from ads

Track and monitor ad calls or call plugins on your Google Ads Campaigns. This pool allows us to monitor all clicks on the ads compared to the actual number of calls made.
Each click should create a call – if there’s a gap between the number of clicks and the number of calls, Clixtell is able to find the source of the gap, report click fraud attempts and produce a detailed report that you can submit to Google and receive a refund.

Calls from website

A tool made to track the source of the caller precisely and analyze the efficiency of the keywords and the campaigns that led to the calls and the conversions as well as broadcast the data back to your Google Ads and Google Analytics for optimization needs.
In this type of pool, there is more than one phone line available for tracking. Specifying the number of lines in the pool will be made in accordance with the number of visitors on the website coming from the sources you wish to measure, within one hour.
In defining this type of pool, through the tracking code of Clixtell, all website visitors will receive a unique phone number that will be attached to the visitor throughout the entire website visit and will be saved for future needs. This tool allows Clixtell to track and analyze the source of the click by keywords and analyze conversions by the length of calls.