How many phone numbers do I need?

According to your marketing needs, you may use one phone number or hundreds of phone numbers in one Clixtell account. You may arrange your phone numbers in number “Pools” – groups of numbers that are named to make sense for you. This guide will go through the different setting options to setup proper call tracking for your business.

Static Tracking

A static pool contains at least 1 phone number. You may use the number anywhere you like, for example, your website, or an ad in a newspaper. You can assign one tracking number for your entire digital activity and measure the results along with detailed Call Data Records for every call.

If you’re a Marketing Agency, you may want to assign a tracking phone number for each client and use it campaign-wide. By measuring call conversions, you’ll be able to send the client a full, detailed report for the call results the campaigns have generated for him.

You may assign a “Static” phone number to a marketing channel to track all calls from it, for example, a phone number for your Facebook page, and a different number for your website. By using different phone numbers in different media channels you’ll be able to measure the results (in phone calls) from that particular channel.

Website Dynamic Insertion

Clixtell can do the above process automatically for you, on your website. By assigning a “Dynamic Pool” you’ll be able to track all website calls originating from the sources you select: Google Ads, Bing Ads, Social, Organic, Direct, etc.

The system does this by assigning a different phone number from the pool to every user and attaching valuable click data to calls to that number. This allows many advanced Call Tracking benefits:

  1. Attribute every call to a click with channel, keyword, ad & campaign data.
  2. Gain transparency into which channels and clicks are generating calls, and which are not.
  3. Report Call Conversion data back to Google Ads and Google Analytics for campaign optimization
  4. Measure effectiveness and make decisions based on solid data

The size of a Dynamic insertion pool is determined by how busy your website is, and how much of that traffic you wish to track. A dynamic pool should contain at least 5 numbers for a small website. The more visitors per hour you wish to track, the more numbers your dynamic pool will require to remain accurate and keep a correct attribution for every call. If your website is too busy and you don’t have enough phone numbers in your pool – phone calls won’t be attributed to clicks.

As a rule of thumb, the number of visitors you wish to track in one hour during peak time equals the minimal amount of numbers required in your pool. For example, if you select Google Ads and Facebook as tracked sources and you have 20 visitors from both sources per hour (during peak), then you’ll need a dynamic pool containing 20 phone numbers.