How to Download a Click Fraud Report

Clixtell’s detailed Click Fraud Report contains all of your Click Fraud related data in an Excel spreadsheet. The data is arranged in a way that makes it easy for Google teams to go through it and validate any Click Fraud attempts. It contains the original Google click IDs, IPs & Device breakdown, Geos, time-on-page, and other valuable data.

Although Google allows a manual Click Fraud investigation once every 60 days, the report is available to you for download anytime:

  1. In your dashboard, go to the “Traffic” page on the  left menu
  2. Select the date range & domain(s) you like to get the data for
  3. Below the main graph, on the right-hand-side click the “Excel” button
  4. Select “Google Ads Report” or “Bing Ads Report”

The report will be downloaded to your local Downloads folder.

Read more on How to file a Click Fraud claim with Google here.