How to Report Call Conversions to Google Ads

To report Call Conversions back to Google Ads – make sure you’re using a “Dynamic Insertion Pool”, and Google Ads is selected as a tracked source. This pool type will attribute every call from your website to the original website user and the click that “brought him in”.

Read more about Dynamic Pools here.

To report call conversion back to Google Ads or Google Analytics:

  1. Go to “Conversion Settings” in the settings menu (upper right)
  2. Click “+New Phone Conversion”
  3. Name the conversion and copy the name to your clipboard
  4. Select Google Ads or Google Analytics
  5. Set a condition for calls to be considered a conversion. For example, if you set 15 seconds – all calls above 15 seconds will be reported as a conversion. If you set 0 – all calls will be reported.
  6. Set multiple or single reporting to deal with returning callers. “Multiple” means if the same caller calls several times every time they call will be reported as a conversion. If the box isn’t checked (default) every unique caller will be reported as one conversion no matter how many times they’ve called.

* Please note: Call Conversions are reported by the system to Google once every 6 hours. Google displays conversion results within 24-48 hours. There might be a slight delay in conversion data on Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Set Up Google Ads Call Conversions

To view call conversion data within Google Ads, a proper conversion must be set:

  1. In your Google Ads dashboard click “Tools & Settings” (top)
  2. Click “Conversions” under “Measurement”
  3. Click the “+” icon to add a new conversion
  4. Select “Import”
  5. Select “Manual import using API or uploads”
  6. Select “Track conversions from clicks” and click “Continue”
  7. Name the conversion the Exact same name as you did in Clixtell
  8. Set all other conversion settings as you like
  9. Click “Save”