How to Integrate a Google M.C.C. Account

Goole MCC stands for “My Client Center”. An MCC is an easy way for agencies and businesses to manage multiple Google Ads accounts with one login. Read more about Google Ads MCC here.

Clixtell supports native integrations with MCC accounts. By connecting an MCC to Clixtell you’ll be able to manage, track, and protect multiple domains and Google Ads accounts from within one dashboard.

You may integrate Google Ads in one of 2 ways: during the initial onboarding wizard or through the “Scripts & Integrations” page in the “Settings” menu, by clicking “Link Account”.

In the Google pop up, make sure you log in to/select the email associated with the MCC account. Clixtell will automatically detect it’s an MCC and will display a drop-down containing all of the child account numbers under the main MCC. Search the drop-down by typing in the first account numbers, select the Google Ads account number(s) you wish to connect, and click “Setup”.

Please note: this action will connect the Google Ads child account to Clixtell’s systems via API, will activate Auto-Tagging, and place an account level tracking template.